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Lakwar Educational Society, known as Lakes, is a non-governmental organization (ngo) , fostering rural development through gandhian ideals.
Our efforts focus on the education, welfare of children, welfare of women, health care & medical relief camp, self - employment and livelihood, skill & training programme, wild- life, art & culture, animal husbandry and agriculture of rural communities in the "Mewat - Braj Sector" (Sawai Madhopur, Tonk, Karuli, Bharatpur, Alwer & Dholpur districts.)

Founded and registered as a society under the societies registration act 1958, rajasthan in 2007. We are headquartered in Sawai -Madhopur, Rajasthan. But we but we run most of our projects from rural field centers located throughout the north- east part of state.

Everywhere we work, we implement a practical strategy of rural development, emphasizing meaningful community participation. The people of the mewat- braj take an active role in our initiatives and thereby maintain control over their environment, their institutions, and most importantly, their future.

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Our Focus

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We build and strengthen community-based organizations, encouraging rural Individuals to make their voices.We are charity/ non-profit / NGO organizations. Our charity activities are taken place around the world, let contribute to them with us by your hand to be a better life.Our focus on :-


Welfare of Children

Welfare of Women

Health Care & Medical Relief Camp

Self - Employment and Livelihood

Skill & Training Programme

Wild- life, Art & Culture

Animal Husbandry and Agriculture of Rural Communities

Being rich is not about how much we have


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