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About Lakes Lakwar educational society, known as Lakes, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) ,  fostering rural development through Gandhian ideals. Our efforts focus on the child’s & youth’s education, skill-development programme, vocational-education, welfare of children, welfare of women, health care & medical relief camp, self - employment and livelihood,  wild- life, art & culture, animal husbandry and agriculture of rural communities in the "Mewat -Braj sector"(Sawai Madhopur,Tonk,Karuli, Bharatpur, Alwer & Dholpur districts.)  In numbers :Founded in 2007Field centers in 6 Mewat - Braj districts Projects affecting 135 villages over 4,5000 people benefited  Founded and registered as a society under the society’s registration act 1958, Rajasthan in 2007. We are headquartered in Sawai -Madhopur, Rajasthan. But we but we run most of our projects from rural field centers located throughout the north- east part of state. Everywhere we work, we implement a practical strategy of rural development, emphasizing meaningful community participation. The people of the Mewat- Braj take an active role in our initiatives and thereby maintain control over their environment, their institutions, and most importantly, their future. Our approach blends traditional knowledge with scientific in novation, producing results that are both effective and well regarded within the community. Through these methods, we are committed to permanently betteringlife in the Mewat- Braj, delivering valuable and responsible support where it is needed most.